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ANGRY BOYS Kunstforeningen Det Ny Kastet, Thisted (DK)

opening, february 23th 2018

ANGRY BOYS - (Galerie Rompone) 23 international male artists present their work at Kunstforeningen Det Ny Kastet in Thisted (DK) In the international group exhibition "ANGRY BOYS" 23 male artists show their paintings, sculptures, drawings and collages on two floors at the Kunstforeningen Det Ny Kastet in Thisted, Denmark. The group show deals with the role male artists have and was shown in its first part at Galerie Rompone in Cologne (D), run by gallerist and curator Claudia Cosmo. Now the beautiful historical building Det Ny Kastet homes more than 70 works by artist from Australia, the USA, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, France and Denmark. The 23 gentlemen represent different generations. With his 24 years the french painter Arthur Grosbois is the youngest artist. The eldest fellow is Tony Prayer who derives from an venetian Fresco- painter family and is 81 years old. Denmark is represented by the very talented and experienced Henrik Godsk and Ole Tersløse. Jonathan Meese, Oliver Czarnetta, Philip Grözinger, Bernd Hoffmann, Carsten Tabel, Leif Trenkler and Timo Behn represent the generation of Germany`s young art scene. Giuliano Sale, Michele Bubacco, Paolo Maggis, Daniele Galliano, Adriano Annino, Dario Carratta and Paolo Dolzan have a big impact on overcoming Italy`s huge and big art history. Wouter van Riessen and Manu Baeyens, both from the Netherlands, found their own path, independently from trends and expectations. Tom Duimstra is from the USA, whereas George Raftopoulos and Jordy Kerwick are well known australian painters. All of them are constantly aware of the world`s history of art which lies behind of them and sometimes heavily upon them like a burden. Facing the fact that in the past mostly everything had been created, sculptured, painted, sketched, modified, refused and discussed, it seems to be difficult to find one`s own artistic path to walk on. The inner and outer expectations of how a male artist has to express himself artistically and how he has to „perform“ in public, often have a great impact on the artist himself. As a consequence an artist might be forced to follow an artistic direction or performance which is diametrical to his inner beliefs and to his self- concept. So there are a lot of reasons for an artist to be angry. But anger does not mean resignation and is able to generate a lot of energy with which one can also oppose to certain role expectations. This is why a male artist never should tend to „look back in anger“, like it sounds in the title of John Osborne`s play. Within the group exhibition "ANGRY BOYS" the 23 male artists do what they want to and spend time together throughout the interaction of their creations.

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